Website Rescue and Reclamation

Website Rescue and Reclamation

Recently we've been busy rescuing companies that get into trouble with DIY website projects, Wordpress and other consumer grade or DIY tools. They’re trying so hard to save a couple bucks that they end up getting taken to the cleaners. It turns out for most small businesses that building on Wordpress or asking good ole "Uncle Bud" to build and host your businesses website, is a costly mistake.

Businesses large and small need “business class” web and content management systems that can grow and scale with their enterprise. We help companies rescue and reclaim their websites and web projects. We can help you make the transition to a more manageable and affordable web and content management solution. And we can even do it without requiring a complete site redesign. (We don't build websites, use, or do anything with Wordpress and for your business we strongly recommend you don't either... for Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging it's fine.)

Publishing, eBook Development & Distribution

There's a wide open world of publishing beyond the Web. Businesses, marketers and creatives alike can tap into a new economy with self-publishing and content distribution. We can show you how.

Our most recent project, Shcnick Schnack is an eBook for children. It takes young readers on a sweet and simple journey back in time to the late 19th century with its verses in the language of the day and illustrations from German illustrator Oscar Pletsch. This ePUB v3.0 book includes interactive audio with sound effects, music cues, and soundscapes that bring the stories to life and helps readers experience children’s literature of the past. Shcnick Schnack is available on all major sales platforms: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play Books and Apple iTunes. Pick up a copy!

ePub 3.0 Schnick Schnack - Verses and Rhymes for Litte Minds

Website Design & Development

We’ve been involved in building literally thousands of websites over the last decade and with that kind of experience, we’re confident we can design and build yours, and do it right. Every website is responsive in design, SEO, SEM and PPC ready, and importantly, we'll insist that your site is beautiful, generating a strong visual rep your business deserves.

With every project we always consider the long-term content management, maintenance, support, integration and general “love” that most websites need over time. With Thinkfarm Interactive you'll be getting truly realistic and practical solutions for your web design and development project.

One of our recent projects, Team Chad, a local non-profit organization needed a new website, mobile friendly, easy for volunteers to maintain and worry free. Take a look and be inspired by the cause of Team Chad. (Thinkfarm Interactive is a proud supporter of this organization).

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