DIY Marketing?

If you’re like most, you’re tempted with DIY marketing. In fact, you may be genetically pre-disposed to such a thing. We get that. We also know that realistically, you simply don’t have the time to do it all yourself, even if you are the most avid Jack or Jill of all trades.

Today, with the explosion of digital media, there are more outlets, more technologies, and more opportunities than ever to do it yourself. Yet, with all that potential, it’s harder, more complex, more confusing, and it’s dangerously easy to be distracted by the “next big thing.” So we got to thinking... There must be a better way: a way to do DIY Marketing without doing yourself in!


The DIY Marketing Start-up Program

It's the effective and easy way to manage your marketing program without having to Do It All Yourself. We do the heavy lifting; you focus on running your business. We get you set-up and ready to go with your marketing plans and tools, launch and then hand you the keys. It’s the perfect balance of DIY and getting help with your marketing.

The DIY Marketing Start-Up Program is great for entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, or any business that has a smaller team dedicated to marketing. It’s great for larger organizations too because it’s the perfect way to kick-start and manage a highly focused campaign.

Helping Hands?

Unless you’re “the Jackie Chan of DIY’ers,” for example; you can fix your own HVAC, code your own website and perform oral surgery on yourself, you’ve probably considered getting help with your digital media and marketing initiatives. You’re also probably reluctant, “What if our hired guns shoot blanks? What if they don’t deliver?

Sounds familiar? Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt - The three reasons businesses don’t get help with their marketing initiatives. We understand a little healthy skepticism and we got to thinking… There must be an easier and better way to be certain that the hired hands produce the crop of results you had in mind.


Marketing to Grow

Our favorite recipe. It’s is the formula for making sure your marketing investment is inextricably connected to the goals you are trying to reach. We plan and launch your marketing program, we stick around to help you manage and monitor your marketing investment, plus, with Marketing to Grow we identify the “best-use” strategy for your current budget and resources, all with the aim to increase the value of your marketing investment.

No more worries about getting a helping hand.. Great for established companies and start-ups alike, and perfect for organizations where growth is the key to company success. With Marketing to Grow - The value of marketing is derived from the results it delivers. Period.

No matter what you choose, DIY or get a helping hand, Thinkfarm Interactive can help you grow your good ideas from the ground up.

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